Game Intro

《SAKURA MIKAMIJO》is a game of Sakura series.
Tsuchimikado family is a noble family of shikigami and is the descendants of Abe no Seimei. Abe no Seimei forbid his descendants to learn about Onmyōdō, and seal what he learned in his life in the gate of Rasen. This directly result in the fallen of Tsuchimikado family.
For returning to the glory of Tsuchimikado family, Tsuchimikado Kisargi and Tsuchimikado Ei receive their father's order and go on the journey to the Gate of Rasen, trying to break the course that haunted the family.

Category Click & idle game
Price Free to Play,Contains ads, In-app perchases
Platform App Store、Google Play
Game Rating
落櫻散華抄Remake 落櫻散華抄Remake 落櫻散華抄Remake